ecell-guard a product of Riester GmbH

Riester GmbH, based in Aspach, Baden-Württemberg, is a well-established medium-sized company that has specialized in the development and production of special machines since 1981. One focus is the construction of machines for the assembly of piping systems and their reinforcement. Riester has made a name for itself in the industry through constant innovation and outstanding technical solutions.
Riester’s latest development is the ecell-guard system, which was specially developed for the automatic fire protection of electric vehicles. This system meets the highest quality and safety standards to ensure reliable protection and safety. Well-known companies from the automotive industry already rely on the ecell-guard system to optimize their preventive fire protection.
Riester impresses its customers with the customized implementation of specific product requirements that guarantee maximum precision. Renowned manufacturers of fluid hose line systems in the automotive and commercial vehicle technology sectors around the world rely on Riester. In addition to design and production, Riester also offers assembly, process consulting, service and training. Riester machines are characterized by their efficiency and are used as stand-alone machines or as flexible, modular assembly systems.
Riester GmbH is known for the quality, reliability and outstanding performance of its machines – all “made in Germany”, of course.

Jörg Pfeiffer, CEO / Managing Partner

Jörg Pfeiffer has been Managing Director of Riester GmbH for almost two decades and has made a significant contribution to the success and development of the company. As managing partner, he is responsible for the strategic direction, operational management and further development of Riester GmbH.
With his many years of experience and extensive expertise in mechanical engineering, Jörg Pfeiffer has made Riester GmbH a renowned company in the industry. His vision and leadership qualities have helped to drive forward innovative solutions and technical progress.

Nils Braun, Technical Manager

Nils Braun is a central figure at Riester GmbH as Technical Manager. With his qualifications and knowledge, he contributes to the company’s success and strengthens its market position. He meets all customer requirements through precise project calculations, competitive offers and tailor-made solutions.
Nils Braun combines specialist knowledge, leadership qualities and good customer relations, which is crucial to the company’s success.

Noah Pfeiffer, Project Manager

Noah Pfeiffer

Noah Pfeiffer is project manager and coordinator for installation and service at Riester GmbH. With his expertise and dedication, he contributes to the successful completion of projects. He draws up project plans, manages the projects and monitors progress to ensure that everything runs smoothly.
Noah Pfeiffer helps to strengthen customer relationships and achieve the company’s strategic goals.

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