ecell-guard_basic System

The ecell-guard_basic system represents the core of our fire protection offering for electrified vehicles and lithium-ion batteries. This basic but comprehensive system is specifically designed to ensure maximum protection for humans, the environment and infrastructure in a wide range of applications. From private garages to industrial workplaces and public parking garages, the ecell-guard_basic system provides reliable protection wherever it is needed.

System components

System unit

Technical and functional highlights
The core element of the ecell-guard_basic system fire protection system is the system unit, which is made of high-quality stainless steel components and therefore guarantees durability and reliability. For individual design requirements, we also offer optional color variants to perfectly match the system to its surroundings.

Material quality
the housing and components are made of stainless steel, the unit is specially designed for long-term use. It withstands the elements and guarantees the permanent functionality of the fire protection system.

Automatic deflection set
This functional element integrated into the case ensures that the extinguishing blanket is deployed quickly and precisely when needed. The patented trigger mechanism automatically spreads the blanket over the affected vehicle or object.

Low-maintenance and cost-optimized
The design of the unit minimizes maintenance requirements and makes it a cost-effective solution in fire protection. Its durability and easy handling reduce operating costs in the long term and ensure that it is always ready for use.

Design flexibility
In addition to the standard stainless steel design, we offer the option of designing the case in various colors. This option enables harmonious integration into the respective application environment, whether in private, commercial or industrial sector.

Sensors and fire alarm system (FAS)

Key components of the ecell-guard_basic system

They detect indications of a fire at an early stage and activate visual and acoustic warning signals. These warnings serve to immediately alert people in the vicinity and also trigger the automated fire protection process.

Fire alarm system (FAS)
The central control element receives signals from the sensors and initiates appropriate measures, including the activation of the automatic mechanism for spreading the fire blanket. It also enables the fire department to be notified automatically, ensuring a rapid response time in the event of an emergency.

Fire protection blanket

Main Functions
The ecell-guard_basic System fire blanket is an essential component specifically designed to minimize the spread of flames and smoke from fires involving electric vehicles or devices with lithium-ion batteries. The innovative structure made of special high-temperature fabric (RH/Q 94%) provides excellent protection and effectively supports firefighting.

Flame insulation
The ceiling prevents the release of flames by effectively containing the fire. This significantly reduces the direct danger to the surrounding area.

Oxygen reduction
By isolating the source of the fire, the blanket helps to reduce the oxygen content, which dampens the fire and makes it easier to extinguish

Protection of the surroundings
The special fabric prevents the flames from spreading to neighbouring objects and structures, which significantly minimizes the damage in the event of a fire.

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