ecell-guard carport system

The ecell-guard carport system can be used in a variety of ways – from garages and car sales companies to towing services and private households.
It is particularly valuable for the quarantine of accident-damaged or high-risk HV vehicles in order to minimize the risk of a thermal runaway..

Innovative features and components

Solid construction
The ecell-guard carport is based on a solid construction made of galvanized tubular steel profiles that guarantee long-term performance and weather resistance.

Integrated ecell-guard_basic system
The heart of the carport is the integrated ecell-guard_basic System, which ensures automatic fire detection and firefighting so that you can react quickly and efficiently in the event of a fire.

Flexibility and mobility
Due to the modular design, the carport can be easily assembled and dismantled and transported to different locations on a roller system, which enables flexible use.

Autarkic energy supply
Optional integrable solar panels and a wallbox enable a self-sufficient energy supply and charging of electric vehicles directly on site.

The use of solar panels helps to reduce the CO2 footprint, while the ecell-guard system minimizes extinguishing water consumption and thus reduces the environmental impact.

Compared to permanently installed solutions, the mobile carport offers a cost-effective alternative that saves on investment and operating costs. No structural measures are required.

Customizable promotional elements
The side and rear walls of the carport can be used as promotional areas or individually designed to create additional added value. This serves as additional shielding and weather protection.

“The ecell-guard carport system combines advanced fire protection technology with flexibility and sustainability to effectively protect humans, buildings and infrastructure. Thanks to the integrated ecell-guard_basic System and the mobile, modular design, it offers a safe solution for electric vehicles. Additional options such as solar panels and wall boxes enable self-sufficient use, while the VdS-certified components guarantee the highest security standards. This makes the system a forward-looking answer to the challenges of electromobility.”

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