Industry and commerce

The ecell-guard system is suitable for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications to optimize fire protection and safety when using electric vehicles and high-voltage lithium-ion batteries.
Here are specific applications that highlight the flexibility and effectiveness of ecell-guard:

Quarantine and monitoring system

Carport as observation and quarantine areas: Ideal for car salesrooms, garages or company parking decks, ecell-guard provides a safe place to park vehicles after performance tests, abnormalities or repairs. The system can be activated quickly to provide immediate protection in the case of fire.

Custom applications for industrial use

Special industrial applications: In production facilities where electric vehicles or battery packs are manufactured, used, tested or stored, or where AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) systems are used, ecell-guard ensures a high level of safety through its automatic detection and containment functions. The system can be adapted to specific industrial requirements to ensure optimum safety.

Maintenance and repair facilities / Workplaces

Especially in closed rooms where work with high-voltage systems takes place, ecell-guard can serve as a preventive solution. Installing ecell-guard systems in work areas minimizes the risk of fire damage and protects both employees and expensive equipment.

Combining advanced technology with the ability to provide customized solutions for specific requirements, the ecell-guard system is at the leading edge of fire protection for industrial and commercial electric mobility. It helps to minimize risks while ensuring safety for humans, buildings and infrastructure.

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