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The innovative ecell-guard system is revolutionizing fire protection in the private residential sector, especially for owners of electric vehicles who take the protection of their family, property and the environment seriously. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, the awareness of the potential dangers posed by their high-voltage batteries is also growing. This is where ecell-guard provides a groundbreaking solution.

Privat Carports
ecell-guard_basic & ecell-guard carport

Carports allow open, easily accessible parking for vehicles and are therefore a popular feature of many homes. However, the open design also harbors risks in the event of a fire, as the fire can spread quickly. The ecell-guard_basic system is also ideally suited for use in carports.
In addition to the integrable ecell-guard_basic system, there is also the complete ecell-guard carport system. It can be flexibly adapted to the circumstances and, in addition to preventive and defensive fire protection, can also serve as visual and weather protection. The side surfaces also offer the option of visually adapting the carport to the house or adding individual accents.

Private home garages

For many families and homeowners, the garage is more than just a parking space; it is an integral part of the home, often directly connected to living spaces. In the event of a fire of an electric vehicle or its battery, the consequences can be devastating, not only for the vehicle, but also for your home and the people living in it. ecell-guard offers an essential protection mechanism here. Thanks to its automated fire protection system, which has been specially designed for electric vehicles, ecell-guard can take action in the early stages of a fire. Installation in private garages not only protects your electric vehicle, but also minimizes the risk of property damage to the house and ensures the safety of the occupants.

“In both applications – garages and carports – the ecell-guard system significantly reduces the risk of fire hazards. Investing in such a system not only helps to protect human life and property, but can also help to reduce insurance costs for the home. Flexible and effective, the ecell-guard system offers comprehensive protection for the home and is an important addition to any household’s protection plan.”

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