Public buildings

For public buildings, the ecell-guard system offers an essential solution for increasing safety and fire protection, especially in areas where the risk of fires caused by lithium-ion batteries is particularly high.

These includes underground car parks and multi-storey parking lots as well as facilities of emergency services, which have to protect both the vehicles with the specially equipped technical equipment and the duty buildings from fire damage.

Parking garages & underground garages

In underground garages and parking garages, the high number of parked vehicles significantly increases the risk and possible consequences of a fire. The ecell-guard system offers an innovative protection approach by detecting fires at an early stage and intervening automatically to minimize damage. By using special fire protection blankets and minimizing the use of extinguishing water, the system also makes a sustainable contribution to environmental protection. The flexibility of the system enables customized use, which is ideally suited to the specific conditions and requirements of underground garages and multi-storey parking lots.

Emergency organizations

The ecell-guard system is invaluable for blue-light organizations such as rescue services, fire departments and police forces, whose vehicles and equipment are often powered by lithium-ion batteries. It not only protects the vehicles themselves, but also the life-saving equipment from fire damage. The system can be used flexibly to secure vehicle halls and service buildings of the organizations. By reacting quickly and automatically to fire hazards, ecell-guard makes a decisive contribution to the safety of the emergency services and the efficiency of their operations

The ecell-guard system proves its versatility and effectiveness particularly in public buildings, where it contributes to the prevention and rapid containment of fires, increases safety and ultimately protects lives and valuable property.

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